John Waring


John’s working career has been invested in IT, using technology for business advancement and transformational change. With knowhow learnt from multiple industries and with specific experience across the international automotive industry, John has helped manufacturers, finance companies, leasing & fleet businesses, distributors and dealers in their endeavours to successfully achieve business advancement through the optimal use of technology, best practice and people. As an agent of change, he has led and been instrumental in a variety of mergers and acquisitions that have enabled business expansion, new market entry, new product introductions and improved service capabilities - successfully delivering significant growth and increased business performance for shareholders. John has worked with many of the major technology companies including IBM, Oracle and Microsoft to help unlock the potential of new technologies applying the latest tools & solutions to deliver practical business advantage. In establishing Elevenci, John sees a unique opportunity to establish a true Centre of Automotive Excellence at a time of unparalleled industry change - applying new technologies, business model ideas and consultancy best practice to a sector that he knows so well.

John Waring is Managing Director of Elevenci Limited and a co-founder of the business.

+44 (0)7881 805846

"By building a team of experts that can work collaboratively with OEM's, finance companies & fleet businesses, we believe Elevenci will be able to accelerate and catalyse transformational IT and business change and be at the forefront of major programmes, projects and innovation helping to reshape our dynamic industry."