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The Changing Face of Auto Finance Technology Solutions – A Vendor & Systems Review

A major market study, lifting the lid on the changing face of auto finance technology solutions, this research paper provides essential reading for any business that operates in the automotive finance, personal/business full-service leasing and evolving CaaS, MaaS and multi-modal Mobility sectors.

The research explains, and helps decipher, the auto finance software ecosystem including comprehensive coverage of:

  • How the sector has evolved and changed over the last decade
  • Identification of key vendors and solutions
  • Major themes, trends and demands shaping and transforming the sector
  • Guidance and suggestions for evaluating and selecting new components or wider enterprise platform solutions
  • What Next? – Elevenci’s views on how the auto finance technology market will continue to transform

2021 - 49 pages, 5.7MBDownload


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