Driven by emerging technologies, consumer demand and regulatory policy, our industry is experiencing an unparalleled period of change and disruption. Remarkable new opportunities are emerging, and traditional business models are being torn up in the pursuit of innovation and evolution.

To be part of the automotive landscape of the future means addressing the challenges that are presenting themselves right now, including digitalisation, AI and machine learning, automation and robotics, electrification, alternative powertrains, autonomous vehicles, and mobility.

We are automotive specialists in programme and project delivery working with OEMs, finance, leasing, fleet, mobility providers and more to accelerate innovation and execute transformational IT and business change.

Why would you need to work with an automotive specialist?

Today’s automotive management teams are often working within legacy structures across organisational silos, leading to duplicated functions, multiple platforms and divided effort. Change is difficult enough to manage at the best of times, but when you have multiple changes happening across multiple divisions of your organisation, it compounds into something far more complex.

That’s where we come in. 

Latest news from Elevenci

November 2021
2021 has been a remarkable year, and we could not be prouder of the partnerships we have forged. Click here to access our latest news on five major international client wins proving our new consultancy model aligns with market needs.

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How we work

We will collaborate with you to help you achieve your objectives, from strategy to implementation and beyond, devising and delivering effective solutions for your organisation – no matter how complex the issues involved may be.

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What we think

Is your business futureproof?
Automotive is undertaking a massive transformation agenda, and every business in the industry will need support of some kind in designing and delivering their key strategies and functional roadmaps for future business success.

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Consultancy and more

Our diverse team of experts can also help accelerate transformational IT and business change, offer project health checks, aid supplier selection and ensure effective programme and project execution and delivery.

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Our team

Elevenci’s automotive professionals work with you to deliver the critical changes needed to make your short and long-term goals a reality.

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