There’s no need to reinvent the wheel (as it were). Our comprehensive and fully updated business and functional requirements catalogue for automotive finance will cover all the details and save you time, while building best practice into the process for you.

Requirements ready-gathered

Our best practice requirements catalogue for automotive finance (retail and wholesale/stock finance), full-service leasing and fleet management details all business and functional requirements for the entire lifecycle of your service.

As well as capturing requirements in full granular detail, our catalogue captures best practice from across the industry, and is kept constantly updated.


When should you use it?

  • To significantly reduce the considerable time and internal effort involved in gathering requirements
  • When you want to incorporate best practice from ‘best of breed’ in-house and packaged solutions (including tailored off-the-shelf solutions)
  • When you want to challenge the status quo and introduce new thinking
  • To support situations such as fast-tracking requirements definition, or underpinning your decision-making processes


What does it cover?

  • The entire auto finance business lifecycle
  • Front, middle and back office requirements
  • Captive/non-captive business models, multi-channel digital delivery, use and integration with best practice platforms (for example, vehicle procurement and SMR/RMT) and process outsourcing (for example, for daily rental or collections)
  • Use with UK and international auto finance models


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