If your programme or project isn’t progressing as it should, use our objective health check service to determine what’s working well and where exactly to focus your next efforts to transform delivery effectiveness.

Getting projects back on track

When you’re close to a project, it can be exceptionally difficult to step back and work out what’s not going well and why performance may be slipping. This can be even harder when you’re under pressure (real or imagined) from key stakeholders who may not yet be seeing either the progress or the benefits they expect from the investment being made.

We can help you to identify what’s working well and where to focus your future efforts in order to transform delivery effectiveness. Whether you want to focus on a specific challenge or receive an end-to-end view of the coherence of your strategy, operating model and delivery process, we’ll help you get your initiatives back on track – fast.

What can you rely on us for?

  • Mentoring, supporting and guiding existing project teams, ensuring morale is maintained or restored
  • Turning around and revitalising difficult projects
  • Addressing the critical issues – we don’t shy away from difficult recommendations

When might you need us?

  • When you want to stabilise and recover a faltering automotive programme or project
  • When you need an honest and objective assessment of where any problems lie, and what needs to be done about them
  • When you recognise that you’ll benefit from our laser-sharp focus, strong leadership and ability to make important – often difficult – decisions

Other services we can offer…